The following files and links we have found helpful in equipping ourselves for street ministry. If the specific link is dead, go to the store in the link and browse their site until you find the product

The original "Get out of Hell free" card

This standard sized business card contains all the information necessary for salvation and beyond. Feel free to copy it and use your own contact information on the bottom of the card. These cards can usually be printed as shown for around a penny each.   See it here

God's Word:

In utilizing the "Sectioning" method of Bible study described in Chapter three of our workbook, we have found that a wide margin, loose-leaf format works the best.

Beyond this pen and ink and paper process you can also utilize a free program to do it digitally. This site can be found here:

In addition to the access of this study Bible, a  one year (260 day) study plan can be viewed following this link.  (Appreciation to Renier van Rooyen in South Africa for this work)

Amplifiers and Truth-horns:

Sound amplifiers and Truth (no bull) horns are an indispensable tool in many preaching situations. The following sites represent the best we have been able to find for selection and price.    The small horn (Champion MP2w) on this site is quite good in close environments and is also not so likely, because of it's size, to be challenged by the police.  These folks sell the largest horns we have found available. The model ER-685W will blow the doors off any competition and is especially good in large, open areas. They also offer a "waistband amplifier" that, though it looks like a toy, has allot of power and advantages in a number of situations. (Model #'s WAP5C-LM50 and WAP5D-HM26)   This set up is "state of the art"  ...if you can afford it!

Business cards and printing:    This site offers the best prices we have found on business cards and other printing needs. Be sure to press them for their specials, quantity discounts and lowest price.


Digital Ink-jet on Vinyl:

We are now suggesting utilization of the newest "ink-jet" technology to make banners. This method is much more durable (the letters don't come off) plus it affords the opportunity to basically print anything you want, including pictures.  The following links will provide pictures and instruction to allow a fabrication of the banner frame and the printing instruction to be utilized at your local sign shop. The frame and center pole materials used are off the shelf hardware items available worldwide. See the links below for the details:

In addition to this type of banner we also suggest utilizing a material known as "Coroplastic"...which is basically a bullet-proof type of plastic cardboard. This material in concert with the die-cut lettering is great for smaller signage.

Having problems with the vinyl lettering coming off your banners?

Go to your neighborhood hardware store (I got it at Ace) and pick up a tube of Surehold "Plastic Surgery"

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