Basic Battle Training


The contents of this book will take the reader to a number of areas that have been forgotten, compromised or re-defined from God’s original intent. Some of these things are obvious and will find a ready place in your soul, while others will require study and verification beyond our presentation. This said, we have included over two thousand verses to accommodate this lack and, as the Bereans of Acts 17:11, we exhort you to follow their nobility and “prove all things”.

We also realize that we will probably not find agreement on all the issues and content presented, but hope that the reader will find the tools to further the intent of the Great Commission and exercise the instruction found herein to that goal.

Though this work is designed to be read in sequence, your choice of chapters will also net that specific facet of the instruction.

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Part One: The Basics

Fundamental teaching for success in the battle before us.

Chapter 1   "Our Commander"

    A COMPLETE description of the God we serve and should represent.

Chapter 2   "The Enemy and His Minions"

    Satan's boys described and utilized thru the ages.

Chapter 3   "Preparation for Battle"

    A comprehensive Bible study plan that WORKS.

Chapter 4   "Discipleship"

    The BIBLICAL teaching on this watered down subject.

Chapter 5   "The Special Forces"

    Further on discipleship and truly "following Jesus". 

Chapter 6   "The Objective: Salvation Properly Presented"    

    "Easy Jesus"...why so many fall away.

Chapter 7   "Stormin' the Gate"

    The BIBLICAL MANDATE: public preaching!  

Chapter 8   "Principals of Battle" 

    How to do it...

Chapter 9   "Practical Principals of Battle" 

    Things learned in our 44 years at the plow.  

Chapter 10  "Tough Love" 

    The love most often found, and used in Scripture .

Chapter 11  "Battle Expectations"

    What it's really like "in the field"!  

Chapter 12  "The Real Christian Life" deference to what is presented today!  


Part Two: "Motivations"

What God has provided to encourage us in His Kingdom and service.

Chapter 13  "Motivations: Love"

    God's heart for us. 

Chapter 14  "Motivations: The Fear of God" 

    "The Father" he fulfills His role as our parent .

Chapter 15  "Motivations: Rewards"

    An often neglected and potent Biblical grace.  

Chapter 16  "Motivations: Anger, Truth, Faith and Debt"

    The final impetuses that complete this subject.

Part Three: "Diversions"

Misunderstanding, false teaching and confusion that can divert us.

Chapter 17  "Diversions: The Kingdom of God"

    God's plan: oft confused and miss-represented.

Chapter 18  "Diversions: Miracles?"

    The BIBLICAL record, or today's claims?

Chapter 19  "Diversions: Pentecostal Theology"

    A walk down cartoon alley?

Chapter 20  "Diversions: Eternal  Security"

    Toward a more balanced and wise view.

Chapter 21  "Diversions: Which Bible"

    Old school vs. the supposed"new school".

Chapter 22  "Diversions: The Rapture Question"    

    Putting your eggs in the right basket.

Chapter 23  "Diversions: Calvinism"

    Right up there with the litany of false teaching so prevalent today!


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